eated swimming pools may be used as ENERBASQUE HRU equipment energy sinkholes, reaching very high performance levels due to all the heat generated in the boiler or through solar technology harnessed for the generation of electricity and to heat the pool.

Although the electric performance of the system is maintained on the orders of any Rankine Organic Cycle, the thermal energy available in the condenser is comprehensively recovered to achieve the desired temperature to heat the pool, increasing the overall efficiency of the system to values associated with cogeneration. The flexibility of the system makes it possible to work in either thermal or thermal/electric mode. In addition this makes it possible to adopt not only the thermal demand of the pool heating system, but also the demand associated with ACS and the heating of the rest of the sports facility.
The integration of thermal energy generation systems may be limited to exclusively renewable and predictable sources (boiler of biomass), non-predictable (solar thermal vacuum or concentration tube) or even have the support of conventional generators (natural gas, propane, diesel boilers). Below we can see two typical diagrams of solutions to generate electricity and heat.