ENERBASQUE ORC technology can be adapted to the different hot source conditions from which energy is to be recovered. We can adapt to both different temperatures and hot sources (water and other cooling liquids, exhaust gases from different processes). We can transform the mechanical energy in the shaft of our expander into electricity or simply use it, for example, to produce compressed air in factory coupling the expander directly to a compressor. 


Energy efficiency

In the field of energy efficiency we assess, independently, proposing innovative solutions within the field of energy savings and performance. By means of an energy audit and monitoring consumption, we propose concrete improvement and saving measures to our clients. We carry out energy certificates in industrial buildings, sports facilities and residential buildings.

Integration of renewable energy

At ENERBASQUE we take great interest in distributed generation projects and the harnessing of local resources for the production of energy, both thermal and electrical, bringing the generation and consumption as close together as possible in order to avoid the inefficiencies of long distance transport. We have experience in the development of special projects that provide specific and personalized solutions for communities that are aware of the use and harnessing of local resources to produce the energy they consume.