In ENERBASQUE we can design tailored equipment to the needs of our customers. In this cases, we follow this methodology:

o   Data collection for starting parameter definition. This data can be collected from an existing energy audit or can be made by ourselves. At this stage we analyze the characteristics of existing heat sources and thermal and electrical needs, obtaining the basic data of the project.

o   Definition of the optimal system. From the above data, our engineers determine the optimal system, making to the customer a technical and financial proposal, where the profitability analysis is included. At this stage we collaborate with our customers to include different options within the machine and customize it according to its requirements (data monitoring, integration into superior control logic, tailor design to adapt to available space …)

o   Equipment design. Once accepted the solution for our client, we begin the work of detailed engineering of the machine, based on the algorithms and calculations that we have developed in ENERBASQUE, defining all components and launching the purchasing phase.

o   Manufacturing and testing. The assembly of all the components is performed in workshop according to 3D drawings and assembly instructions defined. All components at this stage, pass quality control and necessary tests to ensure that will be delivered according to defined specifications.

o   Commissioning. A technical team will move to the final location for installation and commissioning. Although our machines are designed under the Plug & Play philosophy, during commissioning specific plant personnel will be training to be able to operate the equipment in a simple and safe way.