Our client, a company dedicated to wood processing and located in the north of Spain was interested in ENERBASQUE solutions, with the aim of recovering waste generated during their processes, mainly sawdust and timber cuttings.

Initially, this company stored all timber cuttings in silos and, periodically, contracted an authorized waste manager to transport it to a landfill. Therefore the management of this waste represented a considerable cost for the company.

Following an initial energy audit, where the waste and thermal and electricity needs were quantified, the solution found was the implementation of a biomass boiler to generate, with all the cuttings, hot water that in winter would be used to heat the building, in periods when this thermal need does not exist, the hot water will serve as fuel for the ENERBASQUE

HRU-25 machine, producing 25 KWe which will be used for electricity self-consumption of the plant.

The solution generates triple savings:

  • Avoids the cost of transport to the landfill and waste treatment

  • Saving in heating fuel

  • Saving in electrical energy bought from the grid and in the fixed contract term.

Redounding furthermore to the benefit of the environmental, by avoiding the burning of fossil fuels, thus avoiding the introduction of more CO2 into the atmosphere.