a) Robust and reliable

The screw expander is a reliable and simple machine, which can expand offering total guarantees even in the liquid phase, which makes it possible to design simpler control algorithms with less protection than machines that use another type of expansion technology.

b) Simple operation

HRU machines have been designed under the Plug&Play principle, with minimum intervention in their operation. They adapt perfectly to a wide range of working conditions, both for cold and hot sources, with an automatic control system that seeks maximum efficiency of electricity production at all times.

c) Low maintenance cost

Expansion technology and the innovations introduced, make the cost of HRU machine maintenance very low. Avoiding complex lubrication systems and the use of well-known technology mean that the EUR maintenance/KWh ratio generated is the lowest possible.

d) Flexibility

HRU machines may be adapted to a multitude of boundaty conditions imposed by the installation: it is possible to design the machine for reduced spaces, cooling can be made using the already existing installation (tower/aero) or through a built in condenser; the energy recovered may come from both gaseous and liquid hot sources.