Renewable Energy based seasonal Storage Technology in Order to Raise Economic and environmental sustainability of DHC

Project Objetive

The main objective of the RESTORE project is to develop a solution that allows integrating a wide variety of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and waste heat in DHC networks with high supply shares. 

This is done with an approach based on two key innovative technologies: 

  • Innovative Thermochemical Energy Storage (TCES) combined with 
  • Reversible Organic Rankine Cycle (rORC): Heat Pump (HP) and Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) 

The innovative combination of rORC and TCES technologies makes it possible to overcome the differences between the availability of heat from RES or waste excess heat and the f luctuating demand for heat or cold in present DHC networks, thus increasing the availability and reliability of energy distribution in supply networks. In summary, the RESTORE project provides a clear break-through thermal energy storage technology for the decarbonisation of the district heating sector, enabling the use of RES and waste excess heat collected in summer for heating purposes in winter in a very competitive way. T

he RESTORE project addresses the heating and cooling sector, which is the sector representing the highest potential for the use of RES and waste heat integration due to fast and cost-effective transformation processes. 

The project started in October 2021 and will have a duration of 4 years.

Project Partners