ENERBASQUE’s ORC technology

ENERBASQUE’s ORC technology is based on the screw expander, a positive displacement machine. The lobe rotation direction is reversed from those of screw compressors, converting the compressor into an expander. ENERBASQUE’s research and development work redefined components and internal geometries from the original machine and made it compatible both with the use of refrigerant and operation in expander mode.


The benefits of ENERBASQUE’s ORC technology are as follows:

Robustness and reliability

The screw expander is a simple, reliable machine that can expand with total guarantees even from the liquid phase, enabling the design of simpler control algorithms with fewer protections than machines that use other types of expansion technology.

Simplicity of operation

The HRUs are designed on the Plug&Play principle, minimising interventions in their operation. They are perfectly suited to a wide range of working conditions, both hot and cold sources, with an automatic control system that constantly seeks maximum electrical production efficiency.

Low maintenance cost

The expansion technology and the innovations made in it result in very low HRU maintenance costs. Avoidance of complex lubrication systems and use of well-known technologies reduce the maintenance cost/kWh generated ratio to the minimum.


The HRUs can be adapted to a multitude of boundary conditions imposed by the installation: the machine can be designed for small spaces; cooling can be by means of an existing installation (cooling tower/air cooler) or a built-in condenser; the energy recovered can come from both gaseous and liquid heat sources.