Waste heat recovery in vessels. Anisakis

Anisakis is a parasite that can be found in various species of fish and cephalopods. It causes digestive upsets and allergic reactions that can sometimes be serious.

During the fishing season, catches are gutted on board the boat itself. The entrails, with a high parasite load, are returned to the sea untreated, leading the Anisakis to multiply when marine fauna ingest them again.

Killing the Anisakis on board before returning the entrails to the sea can break this chain and avoid that parasite multiplication. We have developed a machine to do this that takes advantage of the combustion engine exhaust gases to treat the entrails and ensure the temperature throughout reaches 60ºC for at least one minute, so they are returned to the sea with guarantees of being Anisakis-free.

The machine operates automatically and implements all the safety measures necessary in the fishing ground.