Motores estacionarios

Internal combustion engines, whether diésel or gas, transform the energy from the fuel into mechanical or electrical energy (at 40%), while the rest is dissipated as heat:

  • Losses in cooling the engine block make up 25%
  • The exhaust gases account for 23%
  • The rest is lost in oil cooling (4%), intercooler (5%) and radiation (3%)

The principle of cogeneration precisely covers the use of the heat generated for other processes (drying products, heating spaces or processes, generating steam, etc.). There are applications though where this heat goes unused or is only partially used.
ENERBASQUE’s HRU machine can use the heat from the engine block (usually at between 85 and 95ºC), from the exhaust gas (at temperatures close to 300ºC) and even a combination of the two to generate electricity and increase overall engine efficiency. That means you generate additional kilowatts of electricity from the same fuel.