Pool heating

Heated pools can be used as energy sinks for ENERBASQUE HRU equipment, with very high efficiencies achieved because all the heat generated in the boiler or through solar technology is used for electricity generation and for heat to warm the pool.

Although system electrical performance remains similar to any Organic Rankine Cycle, the thermal energy available in the condenser is fully exploited to achieve the desired temperature in pool heating, boosting overall system efficiency up to values associated with cogeneration.  The system’s flexibility means it can work equally in thermal or thermal/electrical mode. It also means it can meet not just the thermal demand for the pool heating system, but also the demand associated with the domestic hot water and HVAC for the rest of the sports facility. Integration of thermal energy generation systems can be limited to exclusively predictable renewable sources (biomass boilers), unpredictable sources (vacuum tube or concentration solar thermal heaters) or can even be supported by conventional generators (natural gas, propane, diesel boilers). Two typical solutions for electricity and heat generation are presented in the illustrations below.